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About Anuja Mudda

Hello, I'm Anuja Mudda—an enthusiastic runner pushing boundaries with 50 km marathons and 36-hour runs under my belt. Despite my athletic achievements, I grappled with persistent lethargy and weight issues. Months of introspection led me to embrace mindfulness, transitioning from sporadic fitness to a lifelong commitment.


With 12 years in fitness and three as a certified nutritionist, I explore the intricate connection between physical and mental well-being. Armed with multiple certifications and a nutrition diploma, I advocate for the transformative power of mindfulness. I believe in the magic of gradual, sustainable habit changes, emphasizing the lasting impact of kindness and consistent effort on the journey to true transformation.

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Lifelong wellness, no guilt. your journey to a healthier you.

Do you want a sustainable lifestyle without guilt about food? We've got you covered. Achieving lasting physical and mental fitness doesn't demand extreme measures. Our personalized coaching program enhances your life for optimal well-being, all while enjoying life's pleasures.


Seeking a guilt-free, sustainable lifestyle? Prioritize lifelong fitness and wellness with our personalized coaching program.

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Your fitness journey, simplified in six steps:

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  • Education: understanding your body, the food you eat and the movements you do takes you 90% towards your fitness goal. I provide that education to you, so it stays with you forever.

  • Communication: Communication is key, and I value that the most. Every query, emotion and trigger can easily be communicated to me via Whats App, anytime. We also have weekly catch-up sessions to stay on top of things.

  • Empathy: Sometimes you fall off things for a while, or life gets in the way. I understand. I am here to bring you on track and make this mindful lifestyle an everyday routine.

  • Trust: The foundation of this relationship is trust. Let’s go on this fitness journey together. One fulfilling meal at a time.

  • Sustainability: I prepare you and your lifestyle for good, like breathing. The idea is to put fitness on auto-pilot, so it happens daily without effort.

  • Results: And finally, the thing we all crave for. Results. They will be over time, and they will stay for life. It will be worth it!

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