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Embrace the impact of compounding with Anuja Mudda.

  • Mindful with Anuja is a personalised coaching program for making fitness a Sustainable lifelong journey.

  • The coaching program follows six simple steps: Education, Communication, Empathy, Trust, Sustainability, and Results.

  • Communication is key and it’s a two way process., All your questions will be answered via WhatsApp and weekly catch-up sessions. Stay in touch and don’t forget to book slots for calls, I love interacting with my trainees.

  • Nothing can replace Kindness and Love, and I am here to offer you that. No shaming, No labelling and No criticising.

  • Habits will be built with small incremental changes. Small steps are underrated.

  • Patience and Consistency is more important than Perfection.

  • The program helps you gain freedom from labelling food and redefining exercise.

  • Be mindful and reconnect with your body.

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